Are you a DRR, President, or an amazing member who wants to encourage other fellow Rotaractors to attend the Rotaract PreConvention and Rotary International Convention? Or are you wanting to go to Convention and need financial support to attend? 

We are here to help! The #1 reason that many Rotaractors do not attend Rotaract PreConvention and Rotary International Convention is due to finances. Help yourself and other members get to Hawaii this June by fundraising as a club! We’ve rounded up our favorite quick fundraisers that your club can easily adopt.

Bake sale fundraiser
Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash

Sell Baked Goods

An easy quick fundraiser that clubs can host is a baked goods or popular treat sale. Ask your sponsoring Rotary Club(s) to see if you can sell popular treats at their next meeting. Once you get approval, get your members together and start baking. Protip, write down all the ingredients with your popular treats to showcase what they entail. You’ll see how quickly Rotarians will help to support you and your club members get to Convention.

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Rummage/Garage/Yard Sale

Collect donations from club members, family, co-workers, and your sponsoring Rotary clubs members to host a rummage sale. Once you have enough donations, pick a day to sell. You’ll be surprised what things will sell! If you have a local swap meet, look to see if they’ll provide free spaces to community groups trying to fundraise.

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Host a Trivia Night

There are many ways to host a trivia night depending on how much time your club has to plan. A simple way is to partner with a bar or restaurant to get a percentage of the food and drink sales from the large group that you bring in to an already existing trivia night. Another way is to create your own trivia night by finding a venue, picking the theme, creating the questions, funding the prizes, and drawing the crowd. Get creative with the theme and remember to invite your sponsoring Rotary clubs, family members, co-workers, and other peers. You can even throw in a Rotaract or Rotary International round to test everyone’s knowledge.